YorVoIP Hosted is a low-cost, highly-scalable, future proof solution that lets your team make and receive calls wherever they are in the world.

Offering so much more than traditional telephony, YorVoIP Hosted is a rapidly deployable, cloud-based solution that provides enterprise grade functionality without the need for hardware or expensive on-site equipment.

We understand the impact Covid-19 has had on every type of business.

Almost any organisation continuing to operate is now doing so remotely to protect the wellbeing of both its workforce and its customers. This brings with it many challenges, with communication, isolation and information security at the top of the list.

With these in mind, mobile communications have never been so important and we have worked hard to develop a range of cost-effective, high performance and rapidly deployable solutions to enable your organisation to keep connected and operate as efficiently as possible.

Find out more below...

How doesYorVoIPwork?

Choose Your Number

It doesn't matter whether you need a local or international telephone number, you can choose one from just about anywhere - it doesn’t matter where you actually are. We can also provide 03 or 08 numbers.

If you already have a number with another telephony provider that you want to keep that's not a problem. We can usually transfer it over to our platform within 7-10 days.


Add Your Team's Extensions

If you have additional team members you need to add to YorVoIP or even different departments you need to your callers to contact, simply add extensions for each of them.

Set-up Your Call Routing

YorVoIP gives you the freedom to decide who should answer calls, how long callers should wait and more. 

You can send calls directly to one of your extensions, use a group or call queue to ring multiple extensions at once, or even add an 'Interactive Voice Response' (IVR) menu to give callers all the options they need to get them to the right place.


Start Making Calls

Once you're set-up, just have your team download our softphone app to their smartdevice or use our browser based communicator.

If you need a dedicated desk phone, simply choose one of our great-value, plug-and-play handsets shown below or check whether your existing handset is compatible.

Why chooseYorVoIP?

Dynamic, Real-Time Activity Logs

Understand your organisation's incoming and outgoing calls in real-time meaning, you always know what you're spending and where.

Live Dashboards

Real-time monitoring lets you see your callers, how long they’ve waited, and much more. Conditional formatting tools mean you can resolve issues before they affect your organisation.

Powerful Call Analytics

Visualise and understand your call data using pre-built charts or build your own to meet the needs of your organisation.

Geographical Flexibility

Allow your employees to make and receive calls for your business from wherever they are in the world. VoIP's flexibility means fewer missed calls and greater employee presence.

Premium Features, Low-Cost

Compared to traditional telephony, VoIP solutions offer premium features at a much lower cost meaning you can start saving as soon as you switch.

Future Proofed

The future is digital and with BT switching off traditional telephone lines by 2025, moving to YorVoIP means you aren't at risk of losing communication with your customers.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Choose the number of 'seats' you need and simply add the features you want.


From £12.00 / pcm per seat

(Ex VAT)


Included for free

✔ One 0330 telephone number per seat

✔  500 minutes to UK landlines & mobiles (International calls & premium rate not included) per seat

✔ Softphone App (use YorVoIP from your smartphone or computer)

✔  Powerful Analytics and Dashboard

✔  Company phone book

✔  Caller Display

✔  And much more!

Have a question about our YorVoIP services?

Call our Sales Team on 0330 122 1092

Need a handset?

Choose from our range of pre-configured Grandstream phones that are ready to go straight out of the box.

Speak to us about bulk buying discounts.


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