Supported Living & Care is getting "SMARTer"

Yorcoms has been working in close partnership with Supported Living and Care Home providers in the UK since the earliest days of the drive to Digital Inclusion. When it comes to it, we have an in depth understanding of Supported Living & Care, combined with a level of real-world experience in providing reliable and affordable Connectivity, Digital Inclusion solutions that few, if any, can match.

From free, fully managed public WiFi Internet Access for Tenants Supported Living Schemes to highly secure and complex Networks that provide not only high-speed Internet access to Tenants inside their homes but also provide the enabling infrastructure needed to support "SMART Care" Technology. 

We recognised a long time ago how important Digital and SMART Technology would be to Supported Living and Care Home providers and that's why we know, it's far from just being about Tenant connectivity and their Digital Inclusion. A comprehensive Digital Strategy now needs to be at the core to every aspect of Supported Living and Care. From the building and maintenance of new "SMART Technology" enabled homes and schemes, to the delivery of high quality SMART services and support to Tenants.

Take a few moments to look below at just what we can do to help - We think you might be a little surprised.
Facilitating the “Smart Care” Revolution

Smart care

In Scotland, we are working closely with one of the country’s leading providers of supported living and care, to develop a network that does not only provide free home broadband to tenants but also securely support the use of pioneering Telehealth and Telecare technology.

Along with vital healthcare information and integration with health professionals and carer systems, users can influence almost any aspect of their home from switching on TVs, opening curtains, ordering shopping and contacting family/friends. Overall, the result of this partnership is a service that successfully focuses on the needs of individuals within their own homes, whilst ensuring their independence.

We've worked with another provider on a new build project to design a network that not only provides free & low cost high-speed broadband inside each of the flats, but also the platform and infrastructure needed to support "Smart Heating" and "Smart Meters",. This helps them develop "Smart" and highly environmentally efficient properties and battle fuel poverty into the bargain.

Yorcoms already boasts real world experience by providing the network infrastructure and services needed to facilitate Smart Home technologies, such as Smart Heating, Lighting and Power Monitoring.

As an innovative digital company, we're passionate about promoting and developing smarter, and better technology. Smart Care is yet another field we aim to excel in. With experience like ours, why would you look anywhere else?

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Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must make access to quality Broadband and the Digital World is available to ALL, regardless of location or financial status.  We always strive deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with and are committed to delivering a high quality and fairly priced range of products & services to our Customers at ALL times.  These are values we believe are clearly evidenced by the fact that we are a Certified ADR Provider through Ombudsman Services. 


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