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Helping to protect & improve lives

We have recognised the extremely tough times our Clients in Supported Living and Care are going through and the many challenges Covid-19 has brought to them.

In response, the team at Yorcoms have been working hard to develop new and refine current technology solutions to enable Operators/Providers to make their environments safer, healthier and happier places to live and work in.

Beating Isolation withYorWiFi Anywhere

from only £30 +VAT per month - including the device!

With yet another national lockdown meaning huge numbers of residents are effectively confined to their rooms/apartments in Supported Living Schemes and Care homes across the Country, Isolation and its often damaging effects has become a real issue.

We believe that enabling residents to easily keep in contact with family and friends over the internet has never been more important than it is now.

With this in mind, the Yorcoms Team have recently developed YorWiFi Anywhere - a quick and easy, low cost portable/self install option to enable providers to deliver fully monitored/managed, UNLIMITED 4G/LTE WiFi to residents wherever they are located.  Even in their own rooms/apartments and all from only £30 + VAT Per Month INCLUDING the Device!!

Click on the 'Find out more' button to register your interest and we will get back to you within 24 Hours. Alternatively, call us now on 0330 122 1092 to find out more from one of our friendly team.

Keeping people safe, in touch & entertainedYorTab does it all

Moving to Digital can be a difficult journey, particularly Seniors who have lived most of their lives in an "Analogue" world.

Not with YorTab from Yorbl.

With it's User Interface and content specifically designed with "Non Digital" Seniors in mind, powerful remote monitoring and management, Analytics dashboard and full integration with Digital Warden Call/Door Entry, TECS/Digital Telecare and many other systems (including providers own), YorTab's revolutionary approach to enabling Digital Transformation whilst helping keep Users safe and engage is simply unique.

Available, in Global partnership with Lenovo, on a range of Android Tablet devices with a customisable User Interface and content, there is a "YorTab" for everyone.

Click on the 'Find out more' button to register your interest and we will get back to you within 24 Hours. Alternatively, call us now on 0330 122 1092 to find out more from one of our friendly team.

Need to work remotely? Quick & easy withYorVoIP Hosted VoIP solutions

With a fully digital, hosted "Voice Over Internet Protocol" (VoIP) Telephony system, your team will always be at the end of an extension or direct business telephone number wherever they are.

Offering so much more than traditional Telephony, YorVoIP Hosted is a rapidly deployable, cost effective, Cloud based solution that provides enterprise grade functionality without the need for hardware or expensive on-site equipment.

Using App on the Web or on your Smartphone, you seamlessly connect with your organisations telephone network and your colleagues wherever they are.  All from only £12.00 + VAT per month, per extension, including a "Local Call" number and 500 Free minutes per month to UK Landlines & Mobiles.

Click on the 'Find out more' button to register your interest and we will get back to you within 24 Hours. Alternatively, call us now on 0330 122 1092 to find out more from one of our friendly team.

Reduce the risk of spreading viral disease withKentix SmartXcan

MultiSensor SmartScan for body temperature measurement

 Identification of infected persons is crucial for your organisation. In order to reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases (COVID-19, influenza, etc.) in public areas effectively and permanently and at the same time to make a better prediction of emerging geo-hotspots, it is necessary to identify infected persons at an early stage, to prevent their access to any kind of crowd and to feed collected data to AI-supported analysis databases in compliance with GDPR.

KENTIX SmartXcan is a new building Access Control system that provides reliable body temperature measurement for healthcare, public institutions, business leisure facilities and other crowdy facilities. The handling is fast, intuitive and self-explanatory, the results reliable and accurate. The measurement is automated and contactless – thus safe for the user.

Available in two options:

without RFID £899 ex.VAT
with RFID £1159 ex.VAT

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